These are greasemonkey scripts for Pardus.

YOU WILL NEED Firefox with the greasemonkey extension. Please do not ask us for support with Firefox or greasemonkey. This user javascript is provided with no warranty or anything else. You agree not to hold us responsible for anything whatsoever.

The javascript files are human-readable. You can view it yourself to see what it does. Don't ask us.


Pardus Own Building Ticks

On buildings - Overview, adds a couple of columns to show what your buildings need to reach 4 and 6 ticks worth of upkeep stock. Say your building needs 4 food/tick, and has 14 food. So this will show 2 and 6 food in the 4-tick and 6-tick columns.

Pardus Own Building Ticks (click to install).

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Pardus Trade calculator

This is a javascript tool that throws up some numbers on trade screens. The numbers show up next to the input boxes and (try to) calculate the maximum of that cargo that can be moved.

Pardus Trade calculator (click to install).

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