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20110911: Grrr. 1.5 of the mapper.

20091113: The mapper isn't compatible with the Pardus Copilot. They can be installed together, but if the Copilot is set to show summary on nav screen, the mapper won't work.

20090924: Version 1.4 has had the sodding gridSize alert removed.

20090917: Version 1.3 claims to be compatible up to Firefox 4.5 (that's right, *four* point five). So stop emailing me. I don't have Firefox 3.5beta because sodding Ubuntu doesn't have it yet. Sod it all.

20090610: Version 1.2 of the automapper has been released. All it does is fix a sodding annoying alert box that insinuated itself into version 1.1. Those responsible have done the honorable thing. Replacements have been found.

20090517: Version 1.1 of the automapper has been released. It should be able to handle the sodding Premium variable navgrid. Sod it all.

20090505: Pardus Autopilot is less automatic now, which may make it okay to use.

20090504: Pardus Pathfinder Version 1.2 is out. Fixes the @*%# Premium navgrid (probably, as I can't test it). Sodding chumps. Get off my lawn. Props to "Pants".

20090428: Pardus Autopilot has been improved

20090426: Pardus Autopilot Greasemonkey script. Do not use unless you have permission from the owners of Pardus.

20090425: Pardus Pathfinder Greasemonkey script. Up until 3:15 in the morning this time. You sodding chumps. UPDATED: Now does better routing, and shows AP cost.

20090405 version 1.0 released. The sodding HTML changes have caused me to stay up late at night, you sodding chumps. It is now bloody 4 in the morning. Apparently I turn British in the wee hours.

20080802 Version 0.93 released. The annoying starting and stopping messages have been removed.

20080622 Version 0.92 released which really should work with Firefox 3. (I got stupid with 0.91 -- it *cannot* work.)

20080618 Version 0.91 released which should work with Firefox 3.

20080423 Pardus Butter Stocker new extension released today. See the PBS project page.

20080422 New version of the mapper extension released! It works with Firefox 3 but automatic updates are still iffy. Darn you, Mozilla Corp for making it too hard! Version 0.9

20080416 Planet stats

20080203 Another greasemonkey script: Own building ticks

20080110 new! Trade helper calculator thingy.

20071225 Artemis now has the tutorial sectors fully mapped.

20071224 There are currently over 465 thousand rows in the tiles table. 5681 are asteroid, 2548 are viral clouds. Over 218 thousand are impassable energy, and over 126 thousand are passable energy. Over 29 thousand are nebula and over 81 thousand are fuel. We have just implemented an algorithm (Lucidi, this time) to remove the superfluous impassable energy tiles, i.e. the ones that are far beyond the border of the sector. At this time we estimate there are nearly 110 thousand extra tiles that can be removed.

20071224 The building, monster, wormhole icons etc. were resized and filtered by the Imagemagick Perl modules. Since those algorithms (Borg Algorithms! Borg Algorithms!) are meant for larger images, you got "blurring" on the small 32x32 icons -- it was just imagemagick's attempt to look nice. Well, no more resizing. Now your browser can do the resizing, you get the original 64x64 files, and bandwidth be hanged. At least the images look sharper. If you think they look uglier now, as do I, blame the people who kept whining that it looked blurred before.

New feature: monster locations

Is anyone still using the butterfat maps, or has their function been surpassed by BSC, Eldritch, etc? Should we shut this down?